Rit Dyemore Liquid Dye for Synthetic Fibers

Use Rit DyeMore Dye on 100% polyester, cotton/poly blends, acrylic, acetate, nylon, and even some plastics! One bottle will dye one pound of dry polyester fabric. If dyeing acetate, acrylic or nylon, one bottle will dye two pounds of dry fabric. Create something unique with an ombre, dip-dyed, shibori, or tie-dye pattern. You must use this dye in a stainless steel pot on your stove top to maintain a high water temperature throughout the duration of dyeing. Cannot be used in a washing machine. 236ml (8 oz) bottle.

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Category: Colour, Costume Break Down, Dye, Dyeing, Fabric Dye, Polyester Dye, Synthetic Fabric Dye, Synthetics Dye

Type: Dyes

Vendor: Rit

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